Buying Insulin From Canada: A Step-By-Step For American Diabetics


Many people are wondering why more and more American diabetics are buying insulin from Canada. If you are one of the 30 million Americans with diabetes, you have probably felt how costly and difficult it is to get insulin. The price of insulin in the United States has practically tripled in the past ten years, causing many people with diabetes to ration their life-saving medication, leading to complications and sometimes death.

It’s hard to believe that in the wealthiest country on the planet, people with what should typically be a manageable disease are having difficulties getting the medication they need to survive. This does not have to happen.

It’s no secret that insulin is a life-saving necessity for people with diabetes, as it gives them the help they need for blood sugar regulation. For these people, buying insulin isn’t a question, as it is a necessity. Where to buy the insulin, however, is another story.

Why is Insulin and Medication so Expensive in the United States?

In the United States, there is no regulation on the price of pharmaceuticals. This means pharmaceutical companies can charge as much as they want for medications, including life-saving medications, without retribution. For example, America charges approximately $13,000 for Humira (an medication used to treat arthritis and Crohn’s disease)  Medicine manufacturers negotiate privately with private health insurers in a free-market process that leaves out the government and the consumers, leading to the highest pharmaceutical prices anywhere. They claim that if medication prices were regulated, there would be fewer options for consumers.

However, the lack of pharmaceutical regulations hinders Americans who depend on regular medications to stay alive. Those who need insulin, and other drugs, are at the mercy of the pharmaceutical companies that set their prices. The diabetic community has been using social media and forums to connect to discuss solutions and find support.

The Rainbow Bridge spans the Niagara River and is a border crossing that joins Niagara Falls Ontario Canada to Niagara Falls New York USA.

Enter Canada

One of the main topics discussed online amongst people with diabetes is the ease with which insulin can be purchased in Canada. Many people recommend crossing the border into Canada to buy insulin. Whether they’re looking for insulin or other medicines, Americans are heading to countries where pharmaceuticals cost up to 80% lower. Canada has seen such a large influx of Americans purchasing insulin and other medications that there are concerns of an impending shortage.

Instead of paying exorbitant prices for insulin, many people opt to hop into Canada to purchase their medications at a reasonable price. 

This is because Canada’s pharmaceuticals are under price control  which means a governing body regulates the cost of medicine. The Canadian government can determine that high prices for medications are illegal and trample on the right to healthcare of its citizens. While pharmaceutical companies cannot charge too much for their medications, they still charge enough to make a good profit and operate without difficulty.

The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board regulates pharmaceutical costs, ensuring that medicine prices in Canada are not excessive and remain comparable to the price of medicines in other regulated countries. So the prices of insulin in Canada do not face the openness of the pharmaceutical market like the United States.

Due to the increase in media coverage, more people are learning about the low medication costs in Canada and considering their own journey across the border. Those who have ventured to Canada for their insulin report on social media groups are able to buy a three-month supply for about $430 instead of the nearly $2,000 they would pay in the United States. There are countless amount of diabetic groups who make this journey together. Most people in these groups advocate for insulin for everyone at an affordable price and plan to make more group trips into Canada to purchase large amounts of insulin. The purpose is to bring enough affordable insulin into the country to make it available to those who need it. 

Is it Illegal Buying Insulin from Canada?

While importing medicine from Canada into the United States is not legal, enforcement also ignores it if it faces specific criteria. The FDA is aware that Americans are entering Canada to purchase medicine and bring it back over the border, however, they tend to allow it with a few requirements.

  1. People may not import more than three months’ worth of medicine.
  2. It must have doctor contact information and be verified in writing that the medication is for the person’s use.
  3. The medicine does not represent an unreasonable risk.
  4. It is for a severe condition with no proper treatment or lack of affordability in the US.

As long as the imported medicine meets the requirements, FDA agents, border patrol, and customs will typically look the other way when Americans bring it back into the US. In fact, these organizations are intentional about letting American citizens re-enter the country with a three-month supply or less of their needed pharmaceuticals. Insulin falls under the requirements and is one of the most common pharmaceuticals imported from Canada.

Can I Buy Insulin from Canada Online?

Now, there is no need for Americans to cross the border to purchase affordable insulin. American diabetics can buy insulin online through reliable services, such as Insulin Outlet. Buying insulin online from Canada, allows American diabetics to buy their KwikPens and vials at affordable prices, without having to cross the border. American diabetics can save thousands of dollars by purchasing their insulin online through designated and reliable pharmacies.

While online ordering can be an excellent option, people must be sure they order from a safe and reputable company. When ordering medications online from Canada, only order from high-quality pharmacies. It can be dangerous to order online from other countries, as there is no telling if the medicines have been manufactured or handled appropriately and safely.


How to Tell If an Online Pharmacy is Safe to Use?

The most apparent red flag is if the pharmacy does not require a prescription. Also, numerous rogue online pharmacies do not tell you what country the medicine is being shipped from. It is essential to notice, as it is maybe illegal to ship medication from certain countries. For example, you may buy a particular medication off a Canadian website, but it can be exported from Singapore. Insulin Outlet is not the case, as their products are shipped directly from Canada to your doorstep.

Final Verdict on Buying Insulin From Canada

Due to the unregulated price of pharmaceuticals, Americans tend to pay between two to six times more than those in other countries. This is why many Americans buy their insulin from Canada, as they are allowed to purchase up to three months’ worth of their medications. In America, the cost of insulin has risen close to 100% in a few short years, making it incredibly unattainable for many in the country.

While some people in the government work to make pharmaceuticals cheaper in America, for the time being, Canada remains an affordable and accessible option for those who need insulin and other medications. Many Americans cross the border into Canada to purchase insulin at a low price. American diabetics can save the road trip to Canada by purchasing their insulin online through Insulin Outlet.