What is Insulin Detemir (Levemir)?

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High blood sugar levels and diabetes are conditions that may cause further, underlying life-threatening or severe complications. These can be as severe as eye problems, nerve damage, kidney complications, and in severe cases, death. Diabetics are prescribed certain medications and insulins to manage their diabetes. One of the insulins they could be prescribed is Levemir.

People with diabetes worldwide have to be mindful in maintaining their diabetes and ensuring their blood sugar levels are leveled. One way to manage your diabetes is by carefully dieting (ensuring you are eating the right foods), exercising, and using medications (such as insulin) that help balance your blood guar levels. As people with diabetes know, there are plenty of different types of insulin in the market and its important to know the difference between a detemir, isophane and degludec. In this article, we will be reviewing insulin detemir and, more specifically, Levemir.

What is Insulin Detemir?

The leading brand of insulin detemir is Levemir.  

Insulin detemir is a manufactured medication that replicates natural human insulin. Its purpose is to substitute the insulin that your body would usually make. Insulin detemir components act longer than regular insulin (similar to Lantus) in which provides a minimal, even level of insulin. As all insulin, it works by assisting blood sugar (glucose) being placed into cells, so your body can use and store it for energy. This is vital to improve blood sugar levels for individuals who live with diabetes mellitus.

Insulin detemir is an insulin injection that is of rDNA origin. The infusion is effective in treating diabetes, especially that of type 1. Diabetes type 1 is when your body fails to produce any insulin and, as a result, becomes unable to control the presence of sugar levels in your blood.

Insulin detemir can also prove to be effective against the type 2 category of diabetes. The body fails to utilize the present insulin, leading to unbalanced sugar levels in the blood.

Apart from that, Insulin detemir can be combined with other substances like metformin or oral diabetic drugs (it can also be used alone if required). However, this is only applicable for patients who have been diagnosed with the second type of diabetes.

Levemir is a transparent, colorless, aqueous, neutral, sterile medication. Each milliliter of Levemir contains 100 units (14.2 mg/mL) of insulin detemir, 65.4 mcg of zinc, 2.06 mg of m-cresol, 16.0 mg of glycerol, 1.80 mg of phenol, 0.89 mg of disodium phosphate dihydrate, 1.17 mg of sodium chloride, and water for injection.

What Should I Know Before Using Insulin Detemir?

Do not purchase insulin detemir without a prescription. Please speak to your doctor or medical professional prior to taking any medication to help manage your diabetes. Your doctor or medical expert would be able to assess your medical history, as well as your diabetes, and make proper recommendations.  Be sure to tell your doctor, pharmacist, or diabetes expert of your allergies, as individuals may be allergic to some of the components within insulin detemir. In being so, it may cause an allergic reaction.  Also, provide your doctor or medical expert with all current medications, supplements (including vitamins), herbal medicines, or minerals that you are currently taking.

How do I use Insulin Detemir?

Insulin detemir is a liquid solution that you can inject subcutaneously or below the skin. Depending on your requirements, you can typically use it only once or twice a day (please consult your doctor for any recommendations).

If you take it only once in the whole day, it should be consumed before breakfast or around bedtime. In the case of the odd twice-a-day intake, it can be before breakfast, followed by 12 hours post-bedtime.

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Your pharmacist will give you a leaflet with all of the necessary information. Before you begin using the brochure, make sure you read it from beginning to end. Please review this information thoroughly with a pharmacist in case you have any questions or concerns. If you have ordered your insulin online from Insulin Outlet, feel free to call us and connect with one of our pharmacists.

Insulin detemir is available in dosing pens and vials with medication cartridges. Ensure that you have the other supplies you might need to inject your medication, such as syringes or needles.

If you require further assistance regarding the type of syringe to use, consult your doctor or pharmacist. If you get your insulin detemir in the form of a pen, make sure you read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you require more detail or have more questions, you should consult with your pharmacist, diabetes educator, or doctor. The product packaging will include all of the usage instructions, but you should also consult with a health care professional to be safe.

Things to Avoid Doing

When using insulin detemir, it is also important to remember a list of things to keep in mind. They are as follows:

  1. If you experience any indication of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, never inject insulin detemir.
  2. Insulin detemir is not known if it is safe and effective for children. Please keep your insulin vials and pens away from children and pets.
  3. Avoid injecting insulin detemir into skin areas that are thicker, itchy, swollen, or red.
  4. Do not use insulin detemir in the form of an external pump.
  5. Avoid mixing or diluting insulin detemir with any other medications without consulting your medical advisor first.
  6. Without consulting your doctor, do not switch to a different brand or type of insulin or change the dose of any insulin you are currently using.
  7. Do not reuse syringes or pens. However, more importantly, do not share pens, syringes, or needles used by you with anyone else.
  8. If you use a pen for taking insulin detemir, make sure to remove its needle immediately after injecting yourself.
  9. Once you finish doing it, dispose of all the equipment in puncture-resistant containers.

Side Effects

The detemir insulin medication can cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels. You should be aware of high and low blood sugar symptoms and take immediate action if you experience them.

Taking insulin detemir may result in side effects, most of which are normal reactions. However, if the impact worsens or persists for long, you should immediately consult your pharmacist or doctor.

Common Side Effects: 

– Weight gain and constipation
– Vision changes
– Slight depression
– Itching where you have injected yourself
– Swelling and redness

Severe Side Effects:

– Erratic heartbeat
– Muscle cramps
– Deficient levels of blood pressure
– Difficulty breathing
– Excessive swelling of lower legs, ankles, feet, and hands
– Extreme dizziness


Apart from these, there is a possibility that some other reactions of insulin detemir can also occur. If you experience any unordinary side effects while taking this medication, contact your doctor right away. If the symptoms become painful or unbearable, please report quickly to your nearest healthcare facility.

Where can I Purchase Affordable Insulin Detemir?

As many American diabetics know, insulin prices have been soaring year after year, and life-saving insulin has been hard to afford for many Americans. You can buy affordable Levemir FlexTouch Pens  and Levemir Cartridiges online from our pharmacy. Upload your prescription and buy insulin online from Canada while saving hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars.

How do I Store my Levemir FlexTouch Pens?

Levemir pens should be stored similar to Tresiba Flextouch and Fiasp Flextouch pens.  After initial use, the FlexTouch Pen must never be stored in a refrigerator or stored with the needle in place. Keep the opened (in use) FlexTouch Pen away from direct heat and light at room temperature, below 30°C (86°F). Unrefrigerated Levermir FlexTouch Pens should be discarded 42 days after they are first kept out of the refrigerator. Also, please read the packaging carefully and be mindful of the expiration date issued on the medication.

Final Words

It is essential to have an honest and straightforward conversation with your doctor or medical expert before considering taking any insulin. An expert should examine numerous criteria before being prescribed insulin detemir. Your blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin need to be checked regularly to ensure your body responds to the insulin appropriately. You should also check your blood sugar levels at home. As mentioned above, the use of insulin can cause severe side effects, so proper measures should be in place to ensure your safety. The above information is intended to provide you with a quick overview of insulin detemir and Levemir. If you follow all of the guides outlined in this article, it has the potential to help manage your diabetes. However, you must speak to your doctor or a medical expert if you believe insulin detemir may help manage your diabetes.