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Ozempic 4mg From Singapore

Ozempic 4mg/3mL Pen From Singapore

Same Ozempic Different Language

4mg/3mL Semaglutide Pen

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Ozempic - 4mg/3mL

This is NOT a generic of Ozempic®. This is BRAND NAMED Ozempic® made by the only manufacturer of the medication, Novo Nordisk.


Our Ozempic® is produced in Croatia. Although the box is in a different language then what you are use to, it is the same formula.

Yes, as it is coming from Singapore to the United States. According to the manufacturer, you have 56 days to use this pen once it has been out of refrigerated temperatures. Please use your pen immediately. After 56 days, you will have to discard the medication.

Due to temperature sensitivity, we only ship out one Ozempic® pen at a time. You have 56 days to use the pen.

Your credit card will be charged once your prescription has been approved and is ready to ship.

Unfortunately no, we do not. Once your order has shipped, there are no refunds. Please ensure you read or inquire about our services. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us

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