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Questions and Answers About Buying Fiasp® Insulin Online From Canada

Where can I buy cheap Fiasp® insulin online?

Right here at Insulin Outlet! In order to buy Fiasp® online from Insulin Outlet, you must have a valid prescription from your doctor. Along with your order, you must provide your prescription (either by uploading, emailing, or faxing). In addition, your doctor’s office can send us your prescription if it is on file. Feel free to contact our Support Team if you need assistance! We will be glad to assist you!

Can I buy Fiasp® from Canada Without a Prescription?

Unfortunately, no. A prescription from your doctor is required. Fiasp® cannot be sold without a prescription. To process your order, please upload your prescription through your My Account portal. You can also email (info@insulinoutlet.com) or fax (1-888-804-1287) the prescription. If you would like us to contact your doctor to obtain your prescription, please let us know.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Fiasp will cost you $39.99 to ship from Canada. Temperature-sensitive packaging is required for Fiasp. As a result, its potency will remain intact while being transported to your home! Visit our Shipping Rates page for more information.

How Many Days Does it Take to Ship Fiasp® from Canada?

It usually takes 4-10 business days once it is on its way. It may take longer if it is during a holiday. You can track your package using the shipping tracking number we provide.

What is the Maximum Amount of Fiasp® I can buy?

A maximum of three months’ supply (90 days) of medication can be ordered at once. Your doctor’s prescription and the accompanying instructions will determine how much should be collected.

Are the Prices of Fiasp® Without Health Insurance?

We do not accept health insurance at this time.

How Much Does Fiasp® Cost?

We keep our prices low so Americans can save hundreds and thousands of dollars. Without insurance, Fiasp can cost approximately $600-800 USD. Our prices of Fiasp Flextouch Pens, cartridges and vials are under USD 300!

Is it Safe to Order Fiasp® from Insulin Outlet?

Yes, indeed! We only ship from licensed and certified pharmacies in Manitoba, Canada. Our medications are not from foreign countries, and we do not use overseas pharmacies. We do not sell generics and only sell brand name products. Thousands of Americans are able to afford their prescription medications using our safe and reliable prescription fulfillment service.

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