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NovoRapid (NovoLog)

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Questions and Answers About NovoLog

If I miss an injection, what happens?

NovoLog is typically taken before meals, so it is unlikely that you are on a timed dosing schedule. You should always eat a meal within five to ten minutes after using NovoLog. Extra insulin should never be used to make up a missed dose.

Maintain a supply of insulin at all times. Do not let your medication run out before you run out.

What will happen if I take too much?

If you suspect poisoning, call Poison Help at 1-800-222-1222. Overdosing on insulin can lead to life-threatening hypoglycemia. You may be drowsy or confused, have blurred vision, numbness in your mouth, difficulty speaking, experience muscle weakness, make clumsy or jerky movements, or lose consciousness.

When using NovoLog, what should I avoid?

A low blood sugar level (in glucose) can be caused by insulin. Before driving or operating machinery, find out how this medicine affects you.

Before injecting insulin, check the medicine label to avoid medication errors.

Alcohol and medicines containing alcohol should be avoided. Low blood sugar can arise from drinking alcohol (please read more below), hindering your diabetes treatment.

How does NovoLog interact with other substances?

Certain medications can increase or decrease the effects of insulin and other medicines that affect blood sugar. In addition, certain drugs can cause hypoglycemia symptoms to be absent, making it hard to tell when your blood sugar is low. It would be best to let each of your doctors know about all medicines you are taking and any medications you begin or stop taking. A prescription or over-the-counter medicine, vitamin, or herbal product is included here.

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