Humulin is one of the most popular brands of insulin medication that includes:

  • Humulin R is similar to naturally occurring insulin in the body.
  • Humulin N or insulin isophane (NPH) is an intermediate-acting insulin.
  • 30/70 is a mixture of both of the R and N products

There are two main types of insulin analogs. Background or basal insulin delivers a long-term insulin coverage of up to 24 hours and a mealtime or bolus insulin which is fast-acting and taken before meals.

R is a mealtime, “regular” or neutral insulin that is short-acting. It can be taken to provide control glucose levels within 30 minutes of mealtime.

N is background insulin that contains isophane, which is longer-lasting than rapid-acting insulin.

30/70 consists of both (30% regular insulin and 70% insulin isophane).

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