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Humulin Questions & Answers

I missed my injection. What should I do?

It is rarely an emergency to forget your Humulin. It is possible that your blood glucose levels are high, that you feel tired or thirsty, or that you pass more urine than usual. It is best to seek medical attention. You will receive different advice depending on when you realize that you forgot to take your Humulin.

How often should I check my blood glucose level?

You may need to measure your fasting blood glucose before eating breakfast first thing in the morning. Discuss your testing schedule with your healthcare professional. Keep a blood glucose diary for your healthcare professional.

In the event of illness, what should I do?

Your blood glucose may rise as a result of several common illnesses. As you feel ill, you may not feel like eating or taking your insulin treatment as expected, but do not forget to follow these basic guidelines in case of sickness: Stay on top of your insulin. Please note that your insulin requirements may increase when you are feeling ill. If you are sick, talk to your healthcare provider about the steps you should take. It would be best to monitor your blood sugar level and check your ketones. Testing your blood sugar 2–4 hours a day will indicate whether you need to take more insulin. Ketones should be contained in your urine or blood regularly. High blood sugar levels and moderate or high ketones can indicate that you need more insulin; you should talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or healthcare professional about this.

Are there any considerations when driving?

It is generally not a problem if you take insulin while driving. Nevertheless, there are special rules. Are there any risks? If you take insulin while going, you are at risk of developing hypoglycemia. Do not drive until you and your Healthcare Professional have taken steps to control your blood glucose levels. If you experience frequent ‘hypos’ or find it challenging to recognize when you are going into a state of ‘hypo,’ you will have to stop driving.

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