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About Zepbound

Zepbound is an injectable prescription medicine that may help obese adults lose and maintain their weight, as well as those who have weight-related health problems. A reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity are recommended when using Zepbound.

  • Zepbound contains tirzepatide and should not be used with other tirzepatide-containing products or GLP-1 receptor agonists (such as Ozempic, Wegovy and Saxenda).
  • As of now, it is unknown if Zepbound is safe and effective when taken with other prescription, over-the-counter, or herbal weight loss products.
  • People with pancreatitis cannot use Zepbound.
  • A child under the age of 18 should not use Zepbound because it is not known whether it is safe or effective.

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How to Order Zepbound

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  2. Add Zepbound to your cart.
  3. Upload your prescription, email it to us (info@insulinoutlet.com), or fax it to us (1-888-804-1287).
  4. Receive your order within 4-10 business days.

Questions and Answers of Zepbound

Can I Buy Zepbound From Canada?

Yes, you can buy Zepbound from Canada. As long as you have a valid prescription from a US prescriber, you can order Zepbound from Canada through Insulin Outlet.

Do I Need A Prescription To Buy Zepbound?

Yes, you need a valid prescription to order Zepbound. Zepbound is a prescription medication and will not be dispensed without a written prescription from a prescriber.

How Do I Get A Prescription For Zepbound?

You would have to contact your prescriber. They will be able to determine if you qualify for Zepbound or not. Insulin Outlet does offer prescriptions for any medication. Our services are strictly prescription-fulfillment.

Will You Accept A Screenshot Of My Prescription?

No, we do not accept screenshots of prescriptions. We would need a image of the prescription. Additionally, we can request your Zepbound prescription from your prescriber’s office.

Can You Transfer My Zepbound Prescription From My Current Pharmacy?

We can most certainly try! Some pharmacies do not transfer prescriptions to Canada, but our team will do our best in trying to obtain the prescription from your local (or online) pharmacy for you.

How Do You Ship Zepbound from Canada?

We ship out Zepbound with temperature sensitive packaging with medical graded gel packs, to ensure your package remains cools as it travels to your door step.

Will the Insulin Outlet Provide A Tracking Number For My Order?

Absolutely! Once your order is on its way, we will provide you with a tracking number via email. You can sign up for text message notifications with the carrier to keep better track of its route to your household.

Why Do Americans Buy Zepbound From Canada?

Americans can save up to 80% on their medications buy ordering from Insulin Outlet. Many insurers do not cover weight-loss medications in the United States, leaving thousands of Americans of paying out of pocket.

Can Zepbound Be Prescribed For Weight Loss?

Yes, Zepbound can be prescribed for weight-loss or diabetes. For more information, please contact your prescriber.

What Are The Requirements To Qualify For Zepbound?

Many factors must be considered for someone to be prescribed Zepbound (or any medication). This includes family health history, lifestyle, and medication conditions. For more information on qualifying for Zepbound, speaking to your healthcare provider is essential.

Who Should Not Use Zepbound?

Zepbound is not recommended for people with thyroid cancer or multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2.

Can I Take Zepbound If I’m Pregnant?

Pregnant women should not use this medicine while they are pregnant. In the unlikely event that you become pregnant while using this medicine, tell your doctor as soon as possible.

Can I Breastfeed While Using Zepbound?

Breast milk is not known to pass through Zepbound. You should discuss feeding your baby while using Zepbound with your healthcare provider.

Is Zepbound For Long-Term Use?

As a chronic disease, obesity is not treated with short-term weight loss medications like Zepbound. Nevertheless, you should always listen to your prescriber’s advice since they’ll know what’s best for you. It is essential to follow the instructions your prescriber gave you. Do not overdose or underdose.

What If You Miss A Dose Of Zepbound?

It is recommended to administer Zepbound within 96 hours of missing a dose. When a missed dose is more than 4 days old, the next dose should be administered on the regularly scheduled day.

Is Zepbound A Black Box Drug?

Yes. Zepbound’s label contains the following Black Box Warning: Tirzepatide causes thyroid C-cell tumors in rats

How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Month With Zepbound?

It is unclear what amount of weight you might lose with Zepbound, but a 72-week clinical trial that compared different Zepbound (tirzepatide) doses to a placebo showed significant weight loss ranging from 35.5 lb (16.1 kg) to 52.0 lb (23.6 kg).

Is There A Pill Equivalent To Zepbound?

There are no pills that have Tirzepatide in them. However, Rybelsus is a glp-1 that has an active ingredient of semaglutide, which can also share similar results as Zepbound

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