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32G 4mm Pen Needles – 5 Pack


BD Pen Needle Nano - 32G x 4mm
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This needle is ergonomically designed with a flat needle base and built-in extended flanges for improved skin contact. It is as thin as two human hairs and is designed to reduce pain. By creating a unique design, it reduces the risk of bending and breaking. Everyone can use these needles, regardless of their weight.

● Ultra-thin and ultra-short design reduces pain and risk of intramuscular injections.

● Unique needle design reduces risk of needle breakage or bending.

● Injections are quick and easy with SuperFlow technology.

● Built-in ergonomic grip – incorporates extended flanges

● Injecting with a flat needle base will result in better skin contact

● In addition to increasing flow rates, SuperFlow technology reduces dosage force

● It fits with all GLP-1 Receptor pens

● Resistant to bending and breaking

● Pinching the skin is not necessary


● Remove the paper tab from a new needle.

● The needle should be pushed straight onto the pen. Then tighten it up.

● Remove the outer needle cap and keep it for later. After the injection, you will need it to safely remove the needle from the pen.

● Throw away the inner needle cap after removing it. You may accidentally stick yourself with the needle if you try to put it back on. There may be a drop of medication at the tip of the needle. Although this is normal, you should still check the medication flow.


● 32g Tip

● 4mm Length

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