Dario Lancets



Dario lancets are for use with the all-in-one Dario glucose monitoring device. The Dario system uses a 30G ultra-thin lancet to obtain a tiny sample from fresh capillary whole blood drawn from the fingertip.

The Dario lancets offer ultra-thin, pain-free blood sampling. Load a sample into the Dario lancing device, integrate it into the meter, and lance your finger for a comfortable, simple, quick glucose testing strips.

Dario lancets offer you four adjustable depths to ensure your comfort. Adjust the puncture depth of the Dario lancet by moving the lever between numbers 1 and 4 (printed on the dial). One is the shallowest depth, and four is the deepest.

Dario lancets ensure that accurate yet small blood samples can be obtained quickly, easily, and consistently. Dario lancets are manufactured with the most significant degree of precision. The ultra-thin lancet enhances user comfort and reduces tissue damage.